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Biz 10 X Sales Team Builder is Great For


What does Biz 10 X include?        Better question "what doesn't it include?" 


Each Biz 10 X system is custom built and branded with your company logo.
We install your Biz 10 X system on your server! YOU OWN IT! No Monthly Payments Ever!
Follow the steps here and you can understand the flow of the system


Post Help Wanted Ads Free!
Salespeople Recruiting

From your Biz 10 X system you can place unlimited Free Help Wanted ads to RECRUIT Sales People. You will also be able to place ads on our new job board site.

Auto Responders

When a prospective sales person applies to your help wanted ad by clicking the  APPLY ONLINE link which is linked to your Biz 10 X online application they fill out the application and an Auto Responder instantly emails a thank you letter and information about your company and invites the applicant to visit your website Get Started area by clicking the link. This email also provides the applicant with a password and user name to the Get Started area of your Employees Only section of your Biz 10 X system.

Video Production
"Career Opportunity" 

Complete production of a custom Career Opportunity Video. With your Career Opportunity Video you make a perfect dynamic sales presentation to interested applicants on your Career Opportunity every time, 24-Hours a day. 365 days a year. Your Career Opportunity video HIGHLIGHTS all the benefits of working with your company. Your great Career Opportunity Video will dramatically increase sales people applications.. Your video is also promoted on You Tube that has 800 million unique users  each month.

CAREER VIDEO produced by 
BIZ 10 X
a National Merchant Account Processo

CAREER VIDEO produced by BIZ 10 X

a National SEO and SEP company.

Video Production Corporate 

Complete production of a Corporate Video. This video sells your company 24-Hours a day. A Corporate Video makes the perfect statement every time! Increases sales people hiring by showing your company in the best light. Salespeople want to be proud of where they work. this video builds your reputation. You and your salespersons can add a link to your Corporate Video in your email signature to share with prospective clients each time you send an email.

BIZ 10 X for 
a National Merchant Account Processo

CORPORATE VIDEO produced by BIZ 10 X 

a National SEO and SEP company.

Online Salespeople Recruiting

Instantly builds a database of all applicants, NO keystrokes for your staff. Export all  applications to a CSV file. A CSV file can be opened by any database program including Excel.or Open Office.

Applicant Database

The minute someone applies for your position their information is inserted into an online database allowing you to mass contact every applicant by email or by phone or mail. You can export this database to a CSV file at any time or view each applicant individually.. You will also receive an email when each applicant applies along with their contact information and area they would like to work, and when they can start working.


Get Started Area

This area explains more about your company and instructs the Sales Person applicant what to do next. Usually that is to watch the training videos, or read a training manual or sales materials at the Sales Tools area. It provides a link to the training materials and the sales tool area, The get started area will also instruct the salesperson applicant to take the online test after studying materials.

Online Video Training

The video training consists of instructions on how to use all the tools of the Employee Only section of your Biz 10 X system. We can also create video training on your products or sales training if needed.

Sales Tools Area

Your new sales people can get their Business Sales Flyers, Sell Sheets, Brochures, Business Card Templates, Training Manuals etc. here. This is where your salespeople can go and download all heir needed sales materials instantly to print out. Sales people can be working in hours not days. with this tool no need to email attachments and documents to new salespeople it will be at their finger tips with your Biz 10 X system.

Newsletter Area

A place to store your company newsletters. We will also provide Custom Branded Sales Tip Newsletters , and sales people related information Newsletters each month to promote your business here (if you request this)

Online Testing 

A GREAT tool to verify that your salespeople have read or viewed your training videos and that they understand your products, services, policies, commissions etc. This system allows you to make an unlimited amount of Custom tests and make unlimited categories to save different tests by category. This system allows you to insert an  unlimited number of questions per test. Salespeople enter their name and email address before taking the test. After completing a test they receive an automatic score instantly. The test score is emailed to you instantly along with their name and email address after they complete the test.

Interview System

Now that the Biz 10 X system has Recruited, Built a Sales Team Database and Tested your APPLICANTS. Now it's time for your first personal contact be it by phone or in person. One on one or a group interview. This Interview module was made to track your interviews and build a database of interviews for future use..


Upload Area

A place to upload all your sales tools, sales brochures , videos, 1099 Forms, hiring agreements, sales forms etc. When uploading you choose where you want the upload to appear such as the get started area or sales tools area etc. Upload any files your sales reps will need. Salespeople can download needed files anywhere at anytime. You can update, delete and change pages from anywhere at anytime.

Download Area

Salespeople can download all files and documents you uploaded . Salespeople can download all materials anywhere at anytime. You can update and change forms from anywhere at anytime./ No need to spend time emailing items to new reps it's all in their download areas.

A CRM and Lead Distribution System

This is a very custom Lead Distribution system. Upload unlimited databases. Assign a user name and password  to each database. sales reps login to MY LEADS with their unique user name and password which takes them to heir database. YOU CAN CREATE AN UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF DATABASES   This is a highly used system each day as it gives your reps a direction to follow. The lead distribution system contains a built in appointment setting system. with reminder notes and updates available by sales reps.

An Appointment setting and Tracking System

A Complete Appointment setting system is built into the lead distribution system. This appointment setting system is designed for salespeople or their appointment setters to use to set appointments or track customer meetings. You can search and see results from appointments in minutes. view which appointments were sold or missed or completed. This shows you which reps are working in seconds. You can view databases belonging to 10 to 10,000 or more sales people or more in seconds and see an instant report on how many appointments have been made in each database..

$$ Order uploading System
Show me the MONEY!

Complete uploading of all files needled to complete your orders. This page can be custom made to match your order form. Here the salesperson uploads all orders and information. Including images and signed documents if needed. This system here builds a backend database instantly of all orders across your sales teams.

CMS System - Content Management Solution

Complete CMS system is built into each Biz 10 X system that allows you or anyone you give the password the ability to update pages or documents or databases in minutes without no html knowledge. SIMPLE and EASY TO USE!

View 1 to 1,000 databases in seconds to see how many appointments are made

This Computer Code was designed by Biz 10 X  to allow you at a glance in a Second to see how many appointments are made.and who is working. also saves and makes you money by re assigning databases that are not being worked on to a productive sales person.

Broadcast Messages

Your  Biz 10 X will allow you to do Place Robo Calls of 1,000 to 100,000 in a minute. with complete results back in a spreadsheet format in 7 minutes MAX. (per call cost)


deo Marketing

Your  Corporate Video by Biz 10 XX will be placed on You Tube and other popular Video marketing avenues. 

deo Recruiting

Your  Career Video by Biz 10 XX will be placed on You Tube and other popular Video marketing avenues.

Product Video - Sample for Video Marketing or Recruiting

Hot Prospects

With all the new business and action coming from our Biz 10 X system you will not help but have a FEW really HOT PROSPECTS that you want to keep a closer eye on. This Module was added for a quick entry of a HOT PROSPECT so they are at your finger tips. Also exports to a database.

With all the new business you will need o protect it. we have built a Password area for you to change ADMIN and Employee or Salespeople passwords and user names at any time. 

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